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Lower Back Pain Freedom
Joelle Cogliati. Speaker. Teacher. Coach.

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Please Note: There are no standardized regulations for Massage or Massage Terms – Definitions will vary based on the particular Massage School’s & Instructors, as well as the Changes, Additions, and Continuing Education encorporated before, during, and within the evolution of any Therapist’s current Practice.

Massage Benefits Include: The biggies are 1). 240% increase in circulation – the key to healing any tissue anywhere, 2). Lower’s the blood pressure & calms the nervous system into greater healing potenial, 3). Provides safe comfortable nurturing touch, which humans cannot live without, 4). If possible, the guest can slip into Alpha (eyes closed going inside) & Theta (in and out of that sleepy dreamy place) brain waves, this too has greater healing potential

Any Massage is therapeutic for every system of the body… can be no oil, less oil, or more oil… can be full body or focus… can have area’s not to be touched for any reason… and deeper is not necessarily better.

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What is a Sport Enhancing Massage?

A Medium to Firm Pressure session (some areas may need firm, some medium).
Usually a full body, but can be focus work too.
Comes with a huge level of intellectual knowledge of Sports & the Anatomy of ANY movement.
Possibly less oil and shorter with more muscle group specific strokes (quads, calves, etc).

Techniques Include:

Compressive Effleurage
Compressive Broadening
Compressive Pettrissage
Deep Friction
Joint Mobilization & Stretching
Trigger Point

What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish is the foundation of all Massage
A light to medium pressure session
Generally more oil is used for longer strokes
Usually full body, but can be focus work too

Techniques Include:

Joint Mobilization

What is NMT?

Neuro Muscular Therapy, also referred to as Trigger Point Therapy
A Western approach to releasing trigger points and re-educating the release through movement/ Neuro Muscular Re-Education / Corrective Exercise / Self Care.
Great for Focus Work to relieve chronic pain or discomfort.
A more advanced & precise therapy.
Can be full body, at which time trigger points are found during full body massage.
Oil can be used, or may not be.
Can be light pressure in tender inflamed areas, medium, or firm when appropriate.

Techniques Include:

Myofascial Release (no oil)
Trigger Point Release (can be no oil, but not limited by)
Trigger Point referal patterns (the pain is greater at the referal point, but not where pressing)
Sports Massage (between Swedish & Deep w/ a greater knowledge of Sports/Occupation)
Joint Mobilzations (movement to lubricate the joints & re-educate the tissue)
Take home corrective movement (yoga, stretches, warm up, awareness/education
Self Care Options)

Benefits of Massage

Circulatory System

Helping to develop a stronger heart
Improving oxygen supply to cells
Improving the supply of nutrients to cells
Elimination of metabolic wastes
Decreasing blood pressure

Digestive System

Relax abdominal & intestinal muscles
Relieving tension
Stimulating activity of liver & kidneys
Elimination of waste material

Muscular System

Relaxing or stimulating muscles
Strengthen muscles & connective tissue
Helping muscle flexibility & pliability
Relieving soreness, tension & stiffness

Nervous System

Stimulating motor nerve points
Relieving restlessness & insomnia
Promoting a sense of well-being
Relieving pain

Integumentary System (skin)

Stimulating blood to better nourish skin
Improving tone and elasticity of skin
Helping to normalize glandular functions
Hydrates and nourishes with pure creams and oils

Lymphatic System

Cleansing the body of metabolic wastes
Draining sluggish lymph nodes

Respiratory System

Developing respiratory muscles
Draining sluggish lymph nodes

Skeletal System

Improving body alignment
Relieving stiff joints
Relieving tired aching feet

Commonly Asked Questions


What is Thai Massage?
Thai Massage is energy work!

It looks like, and is described as a type of “stretching session”, but it’s designed to free the Chi!

Traditional Thai is on the floor in clothing performed on soft mats. Table Thai is performed in clothing on the massage table.

What is Reflexology?
An ancient system of healing the entire body through the feet, the hands, and the ear. All three locations represent the entire body for healing. Foot reflexology is the most popular.
How does NMT differ from Shiatsu or Accupressure?
Only in theory. All use specific pressure techniques. NMT is Western “muscle release” & the other’s are “Energy Work” providing the release of Chi more than physical trigger points.
What is the difference between NMT & Swedish?
NMT is great for chronic pain, focus work, and varied pressure; S is long flowing light/med
What is Cranial Sacral?
Energy work using placement for hands in holding patterns of tapping into the cerebral spinal fluid to increase the flow of it, and energy… producing a “deep” unwinding effect of tension.
What is the difference between Swedish & Deep?
Swedish is long flowing strokes light to medium pressure and generally full body with more oil/Deep is shorter more specific strokes medium to deep pressure generally full body and less oil for greater contact and depth.
What is the difference between Deep & NMT?
Deep Tissue is less specific, less training, full body, and usually a constant depth of pressure/
NMT is usually more focus work, advanced training, not best for full body, can be light to deep.

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Core Values


I believe that together, You and I, can effect change. This is based on passionate, personal, and professional experiences of bringing touch therapies through over 40,000 hours of soft tissue care coming from a foundation in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology.


I believe that no matter long your pain and discomfort has been a part of your life, I can help you. This is founded in educated and healthy hands on care experience over the last 25 years plus.


I believe that pain and discomfort exists far beyond just the physical realm. Allow me to share with you a wealth of perspectives in soft tissue expertise, transformational life coaching, personal training, yoga, meditation, and a personal 35 year study and practice in a multitude of nutritional avenues.

Lower Back Pain Freedom

I am committed to bring you the highest possible level of touch that I consciously can. Orthopedic Sports and Bliss Massage efforts have become the evolution of the healthiest personal lifestyle that I can embody. This includes but is not limited to a constant fine tuning of my 35 year personal study of the best education in nutrition & nutritional experience that I have discovered. - Joelle Cogliati


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