Lower Back Pain Freedom

Joelle cogliati

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The Bundle – Best Value $599


1 Coaching Strategy Session

1 Orthopedic Sports & Bliss Massage

1 Private Yoga Session

1 Self Care Success Session

1 Personal Training/Nutrition Session 

That equates to a 30% savings for optimal performance!

Wellness Coaching $125


Yoga Therapy $125


Joelle is a 300 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor with her personal practice spanning 25 years and her Instruction for 8 years. She teaches a less is more style because she believes that breath and alignment in a slow form is all you need!


Licensed Orthopedic Massage $175

Silence is Golden

This massage is designed to offer you the peace and quiet that you desire during your session for maximum benefits in a less is more style of massage while listening to live digital recordings of the ocean waves or your favorite CD. Everything that needs to be conveyed will be translated through my hands and your sighs. Any techniques can be applied here and need not be limited to Swedish, which is extremely therapeutic in many ways.

Sport Enhancing

This performance therapy massage has more verbal interaction for understanding the anatomy of your movements regardless of whether they are related to an actual sport or the movement you perform as a Mom, an office worker, or a house cleaner. The understanding of your repetitive movements, cross training suggestions, and take home corrective exercises will be expressed before, during, and or after your session time.

Myofascial Symmetry

This low oil massage incorporates bringing balance holistically to the symmetry and balance that you need whether full body balance, or more specific areas only; either way, your body will find a greater alignment balancing all systems.

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Email Assessment $175/5 email exchange

This is designed for brainstorming and assessment oriented email exchanges that can offer you more laser beam perspectives than you sometimes receive in person. These can also be in advance of your session to maximize your precious time, as a follow up to our hands on session, and also to offer you a wealth of information if you live outside of Texas. I can help you a great deal without even seeing your body based on the clues that you provide in the email and the anatomy of any movements.

Video Assessment

If we need to investigate further, we can face time, skype, or share video enhancing perspectives.

Self Care SuccessTherapy $125

This is a one on one session in person or on the phone. You really only need one session here to become empowered to take care of yourself any time and anywhere. This is extremely cost effective and designed to offer you full body perspectives of doing powerful release work in the car, on a plane, at the office, or in your home with full body weight on the floor. There is no area of your musculoskeletal anatomy that will be missed; it’s like having a massage therapist in your pocket no matter where you are!

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I want to specifically and emphatically mention one of my massage therapists, Joelle, as being particularly superb and knowledgeable. I feel she is a big asset to your spa, the massage she offered to me was not only top notch, but then she physically came with me to the front desk to help arrange my schedule for more treatments with her. Excellent above and beyond customer service!

Customer Review

Core Values


I believe that together, You and I, can effect change. This is based on passionate, personal, and professional experiences of bringing touch therapies through over 40,000 hours of soft tissue care coming from a foundation in Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology.


I believe that no matter long your pain and discomfort has been a part of your life, I can help you. This is founded in educated and healthy hands on care experience over the last 25 years plus.


I believe that pain and discomfort exists far beyond just the physical realm. Allow me to share with you a wealth of perspectives in soft tissue expertise, transformational life coaching, personal training, yoga, meditation, and a personal 35 year study and practice in a multitude of nutritional avenues.

Lower Back Pain Freedom

I am committed to bring you the highest possible level of touch that I consciously can. Orthopedic Sports and Bliss Massage efforts have become the evolution of the healthiest personal lifestyle that I can embody. This includes but is not limited to a constant fine tuning of my 35 year personal study of the best education in nutrition & nutritional experience that I have discovered. - Joelle Cogliati


620 Anglers Dr. Steamboat Springs,
CO 80487

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