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Tips for a Healthy Nervous System

Our nervous system takes five to six times longer to recover than our muscular system. The good news is that some of the ways we help our muscles to recover also helps our nerves.

Proper nutrition, hydration, rest, stretching, and self care practices are some of those things we can use to help with recovery so that we can get up and play until our hearts are content again.

Remember, though, that when we feel as though our muscles are fully recovered, our nerves may not be; let’s look at the two distinct sides to our nervous systems (NS) that strive together to be in balance while directing hundreds of thousands of impulses daily.

One side of the nervous system is technically referred to as the Sympathetic NS, or more commonly known as ”fight or flight”. The other, with more healing potential, is our Parasympathetic NS, or “rest and digest”.

The “flight or fight” mode is absolutely necessary for our survival, especially ages ago when we were being pursued by predators. In another sense today, we may feel as thought we are still running from “predators”, fear based realities, psychological oppression, and a host of other stressors. Today, most of us still use this mode just by getting into our autos.

Furthermore, we thrive in fast-paced societies – we travel at warp speeds, trying to keep up with technological advances and our dynamic economies. We drink coffee to keep up and keep going.

Let’s face it, we are constantly operating in stress mode. This is the nervous system that causes grey hair, dis-ease, dis-harmony, and dis-stress. It is the rest and digest that promotes the reversal of grey hair, harmony, balance, health, and happiness.

So, the more that we encourage the “rest and digest” nervous system the quicker we can find practices to reverse the aging process; just planting seeds of good thought can do that too!

Sip a cup of tea on the deck and lose yourself in the view.
Take a walk on a quiet path and breathe it all in.
Float on the water and watch the clouds roll by.
Take a yoga class.
Take time for self care practices that you have learned.
Share good memories with a friend.
Make an appointment for any form of bodywork that brings you ease, bliss, and relaxation.
Write a poem, read a good book, cook a wonderful meal and put some love into it, and savor it (without the TV or Radio on).
Take a moment to consider how often you are zipping around in a flight or fight mode.
Even a safe breath practice while driving can change your world!
In rest and digest absolutely everything takes on a greater healing capacity. In Alpha, when you can close your eyes, healing is exponential. In Theta, or power nap mode, healing is exponential. If we can get to just one, or all three of these modes, we enhance our healing potential exponentially.
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